Looking for a great gag gift or has somebody really pissed you off? I know it's happened to me before. Well this time don't get mad , don't rant and rave for days or weeks, GET EVEN. Send them a big nasty stinky poop.

mailpoop.com will pack and send an anonymous heaping pile of the best dog doo money can buy - anywhere in the world!

Check our top 10 ten list of reasons to send somebody a stinky poop.

Check our top five jerks list. A list of people who we here feel really needed a stinky poop. Think you know somebody who needs a stinky poop , send us in your story and if we use it here we'll mail them a poop from free.













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After many, many months of searching weeding through hundreds of applications and resumes we finally found mailpoop.com's newest employee.

Meet Missy, our new VP in charge of product Standards. Missy came to us here at mailpoop.com when she learned about Remo's over whelming job demands.

For more info on Missy Visit her page here

Everyone give Missy a big mailpoop.com welcome!!




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