Your practical joke can manifest itself in three convenient sizes.

Small Poop (45 Pound Dog). Compact and tubular logs. We only charge $9.99 before shipping and handling.
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Medium Poop (70 Pound Dog). A larger, more robust turd for only $15.00
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Large Poop (110 Pound Dog thanks to Our Neighbor Bob). Our largest poop, often topping an amazing 2 pounds of messy material for only $20.00
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We also offer the Extra Mad Speical for Grande orders. This amazing mess is heat sealed in black bag the mess runs $30.00
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Mailpoop T-shirts. Be hip. Be savvy. Who could resist you in such fashionable attire? You're sure to get noticed! Only $19.99




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With this cap you can watch the women ask , what's! $15.99




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